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Film My Showreel is a service offered by Ainamor Production, a London based Production Company.

We specialise in filming high quality show-reels for actors who want to take their career a step forward.

Getting the right project that offers the script, visuals and production values to highlight your acting skills as you would want it is sometimes a long waiting game. With us you have the opportunity to chose your script and get produced the right scene for you that showcases your acting skills.


What makes us different is our team, skills and knowledge together with the equipment we use.

Our equipment is high end industry standard which means the final results will look like a high budget production which will add even more value to your show-reel.


Showreel scene

from £150

Showreel package

from £350

Showreel monologue


Showreel editing




Why do you need a show-reel?

In short, If you don't have an agent, a show reel can get you one. If you have one, your agent needs your show-reel. If you aren't securing auditions, a show reel could get you in the room. If you aren't securing the work or type of roles you are hungry for, a versatile show reel will get you in the door to be seen. It's really that simple!


With far more actors than jobs, being such a highly competitive industry, you need to be part of that upper cut who are serious about the industry and their ability, always staying one steps ahead.

Can we add to your existing show reel?

Yes we can. If you already have a show-reel we strongly recommend and can help you with keeping the best shots from your old show-reel, adding to it the new scenes we film with you.


Our editor will work with you to see what current show reel material should be kept.

Do I need a make-up artist?

We’d highly recommend one but it’s completely up to you.


Not everyone is able to do makeup that looks good for the camera, it is an art form on it's own and normally actors should avoid the hassle of having to worry about doing their own make-up or how their make up looks whilst filming.


Make-Up artists aren't just for our female clients, If you’re conscious about skin imperfections, or are keen to enhance the appearance of your skin and look, then a make-up artist is a useful member of the team. If you want to have special effects make-up such as cuts and bruises, we can recommend a make-up artist to make sure it looks professional.


*The cost of the make-up artist comes on top of the cost of the package you chose.

How do I choose my filming locations?


We can help and assist, but in the end it is your responsibility to secure the filming locations.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing locations.

1- Does it look right to the scene and for the characters?

The filming location has a big impact on the final visual style of the footage. We will assist you in choosing the best location for your shoot.

2 - The noise level (particularly for outdoor scenes - e.g. On a main road etc) Sound can affect and slow down the filming process, locations should be relatively quiet in order to get the highest quality recording.

3- If you plan to use a public place such as a shop or a pub, you need to get permission to film there.

4- Remember, your scenes are to be shot in one day so locations need to be fairly close together.


If you have access to other locations you feel would fit, e.g. if you know someone who owns a bar and is happy to let you film there, we could set your scene in a bar. Every show-reel is distinctive partially due to it’s locations. You don’t have to have extravagant locations for your scenes to look good,

more than often our clients use various rooms in their own or their friends homes.



Another way to find good filming locations is through specialized websites like:

Who will I be acting with in my show reel?

If it's not a monologue, then we will find together with you the right actor using a extensive network of diverse actors to suit each of your scenes, at

*The cost of extra actors comes on top of the cost of the package you chose.


However, if you know an actor who is perfect, then we are more than happy for you to bring them in on the shoot.

Still not sure?


Think again!

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