Film my Gig
If you need to get a gig filmed we can help. 
We are a London based photo & video production company specialized in organizing and shooting in any venue or location, we'll work with you to set a style and project brief all with in the budget you have.
Once the brief is confirmed we'll get the crew together for the shoot and arrange the kit. 
Then we'll get the edit done for you as well. 
Our experience ranges from shooting simple one camera events to the more complex multi-cam setups. 

When it comes to the shoot we consider the folowing areas:


- Lighting
- Camera Angles
- Sound Quality


We are proud of our work  - The goal is always to deliver the highest quality product for our clients. 

*If you need more than two cameras send us your enquiry

and our team will happy to assists you

Our packages come in all shape and sizes and they are customizable according to your budget and needs.


We can go from one angle shot to multiple camera shots, hand-held style to tripod filming, using dolly tracks and cranes to offer dynamic visuals.


Prior to the gig we will have a production talk with you, finding the visual style that would best suit your performance.


We DO NOT just places a few cameras in the venue and film...each band has a unique style and we will always try to add to their style using the image composition possibilities, filming style options and editing style to add/underline/complete to the band's music and performance style.


We start with a 3d simulation of the venue and band placement on stage and using that we can preview a very accurate version of what will happen during the gig.


Our packages include filming, editing, grading and sound editing.

Film my gig with

one camera


Film my gig with

two cameras


Film my gig

in 360°


Live stream the gig + £200